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  • You can submit your work anonymously, with a pen name or with credits. If you choose to submit it anonymously, please mention so.

  • While the strict format of a letter is not required, the general manner should be followed to adhere to the mission of ODL.

  • Although it is advised the manner should be of a letter, all forms of writing (such as poetry, anecdotes, or verse) are accepted, but only in the English language.

  • You can request feedback from the editors, just mention it in your email. We cannot guarantee when you'll receive it. 

  • We cannot accommodate all submissions we receive every month. However, your work will still be in consideration for the subsequent months so you need not submit the same piece again.

  •  We accept requests to attach a separate photograph, just make sure its either your own or from Creative Commons.

  • You can choose to add a small bio/description of yourself to go with the post.

  • There is no limit to the themes you can write about, just make sure your language is child friendly. Pieces that do not adhere to this will not be accepted.

  • Please submit your work in the form of a Google document, a PDF, or copy the writing in the body of your email. No other attachment formats will be accepted.

  • The writing should be original and not plagiarized.

  • Your writing might be subject to minor editing.

  • All rights to the piece will remain completely yours, but we will use quotes from your piece for advertising purposes.

  • We do accept writing that has been published before, just make sure to mention it in your submission so that due credits can be given!

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