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Yours Artfully II

Dear readers, 14 years, 10 months, 19 days ago, I was born in a doting family. They guided me towards a path which would gradually make me a better version of what I was the day before, and yeah, they still do! One of the activities I love, however, is to hang out and that too, mostly alone.

When I am out, I gain more knowledge and experience about the unceasing art. I see it in a child playing in the mud, the leaves of tree waving in the air, ants carrying their food to their colonies, precisely, everything. God has gifted me this journey of life, where I can gain ever-expanding experiences of art. This journey has made me what I am today, and what I will be tomorrow. I have been trying my best to contribute the finest possible art pieces to this splendid world of the human wonders.

Each companion that I have either wants to quit this overwhelming journey or wants to explore his or her dexterity just like I want to. This journey has been tempting me through all these years of my life to divulge into different kinds of arts, but I have not been able to . I have been trying to use art to make world of my dreams. I know that my dreams are worthy of being worked upon and of being achieved. But, of course, to achieve this headline target, I will surely have to uncover the hidden world of arts which is yet to be discovered. Everyone has some aspirations and dream. To become an Avenger, or maybe a Disney princess, have a warrior life like Merida or a a magical one like Harry Potter, being the bravest of all or maybe just the best. It all depends on our perspective of visualizing art.

Imagine one day you wake up and you are a member of Blackpink, or you are Jeff Bezos, or you are Mickey Mouse! To get this illusory day in real life, you’d better toil! Go and ferret out your proficiency, otherwise it’s going to be too late. Try to find the tranquil and ever-growing art and devote yourself into it to acquire your destination. This journey still has miles to be covered, my companions. So, let’s go on in the search of the deathly hallows of our lives. At the end you will surely get the gratification that your endeavors didn’t go as waste but have added to the better version of yourself that you are today! Yours artfully, Ortus

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