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Yours Artfully

Hello there!

Leonardo da Vinci said, “Art is never finished, only abandoned”. Art is not only about paintings or colors on sheets of paper. It is something that breathes life into this huge world. Art can be seen in every creation of god : From the simplest cell structures to the gigantic universe. Man uses his artistic skills to invent pieces that add to the imaginative beauty of this planet. Art is something everyone enjoys, something that helps you to nurture your own self. Your soul will find peace in the variety of art it likes.

Art varies from painting, to cooking, to playing, to living itself! It can be found in every aspect of life. You can’t even begin to imagine how prepossessing your perspective becomes when you see the world with your artistic eyes! There is a great artist inside every single one of us. It is just the courage and the patience that will let it to come out and change a tedious and monotonous life into a pleasant, appalling and even surprising one!

It is in our hands whether to let this world remain as is, or to design it according to our dreams. Art can make unicorns and wizards come alive, make all the Harry Potter spells work (a little Lumos helps everyone!) It can make Queen Elizabeth young and Kylie Jenner old. It can make the beggar a king and the king a beggar. It is all about our perspective: Just a slight change in our viewpoint leads to tremendous changes in our universe.

Art is a life-form if you will, and every artist designs their own. Yet, they all have rainbows and storms . Phases of royalty and pauperism. But in the end they'll walk pass that finish line, contented ;knowing that they lived how they wanted to and not by the demands society forced onto them. These people lived in their own worlds, created by them.

It is your outlook. Any art created with love gives a mammoth of hope. This inspires others to improve their own art. This way the never- ending chain of art goes on and on giving better results with each mind. Art can express your emotions for your, when you're too afraid to. It lets your voice be heard when you feel too shy to. Art lets you touch the pinnacle of your dreams, and then some more. You just need to put your heart and soul in it, your art will do the rest.

Have a vision of change. You are only as worthy as your dream is. Your vision, hard work and confidence can make your fantasy come in real life, just start believing.

Yours artfully,


Written by Ortus

-> Best Submission- Scrabble- April 2020

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