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Weird Things

I feel I’m on this weird journey,

Which sure as hell feels like a roller coaster ride.

Making me hoot when it goes up,

Scaring me when it’s going down.

And let me tell you what happens when I’m aboard,

In case you need to know how I make it worth my while.

There are points when I feel like running at the speed of light,

And points when I barely feel like moving at all.

There are times when I feel I’m at the top of the world.

And times when I feel I’m crushed below it.

Sometimes my body radiates infinite possibilities,

Other times it aches like a home to a knackered soul.

One day everything is as sweet as honey,

The next day I’m drowning in bitterness.

And although I don’t like waking up,

On a new Level each morning,

This inanition has surely shown me the right path.

For I got to decipher that when we put these weird things,

And shake ‘em with a pinch of patience,

The very essence of life is formed.

Written by Ishita Dhawan

Best Submission for September 2020- Person(ally)

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