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To The Girls Locker Room

To the Girls Locker Room,

Oh, so crazed had I been, thinking only boys aim at doing the objectifying thing, but girls you’re no less and that I must truly agree.

Did you think Doing what the boys did was fine and hiding behind a group chat and speaking what they did wouldn’t trigger anyone ? Behind your facades of pseudo-feminism, you’re no less than them...

Some eyes are enough to rip you apart and let your soul bleed with limitless despair. I thought I must speak about these girls too, for I wouldn’t be any different in only blaming the boys who did the stuff altogether amidst the mess already tearing the world with no  clue on how to heal and pass through this mess of a tornado swirling around the word all through . How do you use your brain for things like these,and then act all human? You're pathetic, miserable people hidden behind a mask, believing you are unaccountable for what you do on the internet.

We all talk about the rapists out there but never intend on teaching the children to be responsible citizens and above all, patient and loving humans at heart.

And your fault the 'grown up' people, is that you raise us as men and women, but you never ever intend to put in us that sprinkle of human.

Written by Anushka Sangari

Best Submission- Left, Right and Center category for May 2020

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