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The Real Persona


god, I hate that word “phony”.

even the way your mouth pronounces phony is unbearable.

according to the webster dictionary,

phony means “intended to deceive or mislead”

being called a phony can really kick something in someone.

maybe that’s why I hate that word phony,

because it’s supposed to be used to abuse me

but it only is stating a fact.

I am a phony.

I hide my true self from others.

is it because I am afraid of their judgment or is it because I am terrified of myself?

if I admitted to everyone that I am indeed a phony,

what reason will I have to not face myself?

I say I do not love myself, but is it because it is difficult to see any good in me

or is it because I simply do not wish to?

I am a phony to others as well as myself.

and in that way, is not everyone a phony?

Written by Minloe

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