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The PM (S)cares Fund

Our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in the wake of the Corona pandemic, made PM *coughs* cares fund, on 27 June 2020.

This fund has an estimated 1.27 billion USD from just contributions and donations that people made from their hard-earned money.

A country with a specific fund allocated to the virus with more than a billion dollars in it, fighting the virus through TWITTER and other social media doesn't make sense. Imagine being the world's biggest democracy and fighting a whole pandemic through social media apps by arranging, managing and supplying resources like oxygen cylinders and medicines to hospitals on your own with no guidance, while the government busies itself with state elections and methods to get re-elected. The second wave that just hit has us on our knees, and guess who is running the country and the health care systems like absolute pros despite no previous experience?

The youth.

We have 18-25-year-olds working themselves off to avoid any medical disasters, while the people who are supposed to be working are distracted by social titles. The government of India had the time, the money and the human resource required for preparing for a second wave. Almost all studies dedicated to the pandemic predicted that a second wave would hit and would be way more disastrous than the first one. It was inevitable. The question that arises now is, why?

Why did our beloved Modi, prime minister extraordinaire, do nothing?

Here's a wild random guess: he doesn't care.

How ironic.

A fund called PM cares formed by the PM who doesn't care.

Here's how I knew that the PM CARES fund was doomed and wicked from the start. Whatever money you donate to the fund, you have virtually no control or way to see how it gets used. There is no transparency at all. This means that the government is using public resources for marketing and forming a private fund so that the RTI 2005 is not applicable.

Do you see the problem with this? Do you see the problem with thousands of people losing lives due to lack of oxygen and hospitals having to run to courts for getting the government to work? Do you see the problem with youngsters working tirelessly while the government drenches itself in luxury?

Do you see what I see?

Written By Anureet Kaur

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