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My chin held up high,

My back straight,

My eyes sharp and determined,

My legs taking long confident strides,

I'm ready.

The tears drop on my face,

even though I silently will them away.

I wipe all my pain away,

and put a bright smile to those who look.

But one look into my eyes, and you know

that smile is fake.

Just one look and you see all the

hurt, the pain, the tears,

and then you...

because those are not just eyes,

they are the mirror which reflects all.


I don't let the teasing,

stop me.

I don't let the rumors,

stop me.

I don't let the bullying,

stop me.

I keep going on and on,

never once looking back.

I remember that through all of this,

I have an anchor that I can depend on.

I know that it will be supportive and

will be my source of comfort.

I have people who actually want to talk to me.

People who pay attention to me,

not me getting forced to pay attention to others.

So with those thoughts in my mind...

I hold my chin up high,

I make sure my back stays straight,

I give sharp and determined looks,

no longer fearful ones,

to those who stare at me,

I walk with long confident strides,

because I know that I am ready to fight back.

Written by Harini Sangeetham

Best Submission for September 2020-

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