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The people cannot sleep and neither can I.

People are feeling breathless and just a little high.

What is up the sky?

Was it always this grey or did we colour it with dye?

Maybe it is just my lack of oxygen making me hallucinate.

You would not know, for facilities you never had to wait.

You flaunt your privilege through your vacation photos.

Oh, do tell me all about the lovely islands I hear you are on, through the radios.

Do tell the people dying because of a deadly disease how the coronavirus is a hoax,

Tell them how this whole lockdown situation is a joke.

I apologize if they would not be able to respond in kind,

The tubes in their mouths and nose, I hope you would not mind.

While you post your sun-kissed golden hour pics

They are struggling with the pain Corona inflicts.

So yes, the people cannot sleep, and neither can I.

How can we when our countrymen die?

Struggling for their lives, pumped full of meds.

Hell, there are many people out there without any hospital beds.

Do tell the people struggling to breathe and in fever,

How this outbreak has been good for the Earth mother.

Do tell the people crying for help and fighting with this disease,

How their oxygen problem can be solved by planting trees.

Do tell the grieving families of those who could not survive,

How by following the guidelines they are missing out on their life.

Doctors have broken down on camera, crying for a solution.

I hope even after all this you still enjoy your Maldives vacation.

Written by Rosni Srivastava

Previously published in the Mayur Infomail.

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