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From: Apartment 1313

Nightmare villa


To: Office of Dead Letters

Subject: To my imagination and its comforting illusion.

Date: 14th September 2020

Dear creativity,

Just like my emotions, you were also my ever-lasting companions. In this dreary world, my survival contributes to my feelings but you, my friend, are my salvation. To express my gratitude for your insubstantial delusions which made me live, rather than just survive.

The world is empty, in my head

And all the colors are vivid,




Frail bottle green tendrils curl around my fingers,

As I lay on the ground,

With the softest of shamrock green’s present

To cushion my aching back.

The clouds are heavy cotton candies, in my dreams,

And they slide down the sky

So, I can taste their weightless joy.

My world is beautiful.

All the hypocrisy,


Violence and war

Isn’t present.

All the turmoil, deceit, and expectations of my reality

Are frozen and defeated.

In my world,

I am the only being of importance and veneration.

The glistening transparent waters of the oceans

Reflect the sky’s crystalline blue,

To fulfill my curious joy.

My world overlooks and defies the laws of science

With its weightless gravity

And jelly-like buoyancy,

But it’s my favorite and it’s wholly mine.

The words flow like water, when I am there,

But I am not,

And that reality is truly a shame…

Another month goes by and as the next year will come, I’ll turn 17 from my 16, this year. I hope you remain my companion, a willing friend if you will, for all the years to come till death do us part and even then, I wish you remain with me forevermore.

Yours truly,

A dashing romantic.

Written by Sneha Choudhary

Best Submission- Time Shall Tell

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