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Midnight Party

The moon wraps herself in wispy clouds

Her muted glow shining through the kitchen window

Merde, I need to go to bed

Spoons clink against plastic plates

Coffee and cream dissolves on my tongue

My chilled hands warm around the coffee mug

Sock feet tap against the floor

Irena runs down the carpeted steps

Into the kitchen

She twirls, thick black hair fanning around her for a second

Eric and I laugh

Then I push a plate across the table

The cake slice jiggles as it slides and

Stops just

At the edge

Eric leans forward

Snatches a dollop of whipped cream

On top of the cake

With the tip of his thumb

Before Irina grabs the plate

Huhhhh! Thief!

Eric points to me Charlotte did it!

I roll my eyes

Look at his hands

She flings the plate at him

As world war 3 starts

I bury my nose

Into the coffee

Inhaling the smell

Preserving the memory

Written by Charlotte Yeung

Poet's Bio: CM Yeung is an award-winning and best-selling author and artist. Her children's book, Isabelle and the Magic Bird is an Amazon best seller and a #1 New Release. She is published on multiple platforms for prose, poetry, and digital illustration. She is the co-founder and CEO of Big Bird Universe (BBU), an international writing club.

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