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Me and My Environment: A Lockdown Experience

Never had I noticed before,

The beauty of my dusty backyard,

Until I had to confine myself,

To the four walls of my house.

The unstoppable athlete, ticking away,

Who never lets anyone stop him,

Slowly started making me feel bored.

Life was nothing but a bird locked in a cage.

But this boredom didn’t last for long,

For I was now busy

Making my walls

Lively and Happy.

It was then that I noticed

How wonderful and tranquil my backyard was.

The real beauty, which I failed to notice,

Of the dusty, sad place.

I never again felt the loneliness

I felt when surrounded by four walls

Lockdown made me realize

How beautiful our life was.

Now I wake to birds chirping,

I am greeted by cats and their kin

And I am gifted by smiles

From my very own small home.

The plain walls are now filled with smiles

The dusty backyard is a wonderful home

For the chirping birds and charismatic cats

And once in a while a screaming crow.

Lockdown is nothing

But loads of fun

And the bird of my life

Now flies with unstoppable wings.

Written by Abhitha Rajesh

Best Submission- Left, Right and Centre- July 2020

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