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From: Apartment 1313

Nightmare villa


To: Office of Dead Letters

Subject: Liberation

Dear World,

We all have our own opinions and views with which we build our ideas and understanding of the world. but some of these views are hurtful to other people trying to live their lives as quietly and peacefully as possible. So, to all the people out there who are NOT OKAY and are choosing to stand up and scream as loud as possible,” Liberate yourself and fly in the rainbow sky of freedom! Because you and you and nobody in this world can condemn you for being yourself. Understand that there are bad people in the world and this ‘badness’ has nothing to do with their color, their religion, or their sexual orientation, rather it has everything to do with their thinking.”

Your words don’t matter anymore,

Have given two years to understand them,

But no! I won’t be quiet any longer.

Internalized was my hate till this moment

But now I’ll share it with the world,

Because my burdens were your prejudices

Weighing me down and cutting my oxygen supply off.

Yes, I am a girl!

And yes, I do like boys

But aren’t girls beautiful too?

I don’t have to choose.

If you want to condemn my actions to hell

So be it, as well.

If heaven won’t accept my precious love

Then it isn’t heaven for anyone.

You don’t have to show hate

Or call me disgusting

On your relentless pursuit of happiness,

Because God created us all.

And if the scriptures of old,

Written and revered by man,

Describes god as a soul for hate to prevail

Then I’d rather enjoy my stay in this rainbow world.

Don’t create a center of isolation

For the citizens of this world

Each of us unique

Whether straight, not or confused,

Every single one of us shines in our own extraordinary way.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. Happy Pride Month!

Thanking you


Written by Sneha Choudhary

  • Best Submission- Person(ally) (June 2020)

  • The writer was the Author-In-Focus for May 2020

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