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I pledge allegiance

to the flag

of the United States of America,

and to the


for which it so staunchly stands,

one fate, inescapable,

with tragedy and unfledged funerals

for all.



Show some respect for your country.

My apologies, does that upset you?

It’s alright.

You don’t understand.

You don’t understand my anger.

Let me show you the source of my


Let me show you what it is like to be

a child of “post-common sense America”.

You are alive

but there is no law to thank.

You are playing a bleak game of luck and chance

you never signed up to play,

trading lessons for shooter drills,

books for bullets,

diplomas for obituaries,

graduation caps for headstones,

futures for an early grave.

You are a child of “post-common sense America”.

You watch

innocent, far too young souls be slaughtered,

crushed budding daisies underneath

a child’s reckless foot.

Slaughtered by those wielding a weapon

with abilities too great

for the human race.

You are a child of “post-common sense America”.

You hysterically search,

pawn through the haystack for that needle,

that one person who will fight for change,

for you.

But your fingertips are growing raw,

droplets of blood seep through torn skin,

turn golden straw sticky and pink,

and no needle.

No luck.

Instead, you find politicians who barter out your life for bribes,

fight for cold, black hunks of metal instead of your future,

tell you that “gun reform is not the answer”,

and how would you know what is best for America,

you’re just

a child.

But look around

and all you see is innocent students being mercilessly killed

by maniacs with an AR15 who shoot at anything that moves,

a sick game of whack-a-mole.

You want to scream, scream in a pure rage because

nobody cares, and children are dying because of it.

But your scream is stifled,

you too are buried alive,

your awaiting grave licking its rapacious lips.

You are a child of “post-common sense America”.

Was that enough?

Do you now understand my anger?

Have I helped you now comprehend

that a few words

of your beloved pledge

weigh less

than the children of America?

Written by Anonymous

Best Submission for August 2020- Left, Right and Center

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