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From: Apartment 1313

Nightmare villa


To: Office of Dead Letters

Subject: To my everlasting companions, emotions.

Date: 20th August 2020

Dear feelings,

You have been with me forever and yet, I’m bedazzled by your complexity and though, some might dislike you and I love the surprises you bring to my bleak life. This time, I hope you are surprised.


The envy in my heart,

festers like a deep wound,

listens to the gloating words of others,

and makes me feel the physical pain of never being good enough.

The jealousy is deeply rooted,

within my once pure soul.

The distrust of my heart

screams words of insecurity.

The nervousness of character,

bluntly tears my world apart.

Oh! Why must this world of innocence,

crumble into nothingness?

Was the sight of integrity,

a fault on my side?

Oh! Why did this beautiful world of mine

have to break my devotion for its words?

The hyacinth sways gently,

in the cooling calm breeze,

with its yellow petals of jealousy,

standing proud for everyone to see.

Pray tell, my dear heart

how do you intend to explain to my soul?

the beautiful destruction you willed upon its fragile strength.

The ability to feel jealous might be one of the rawest form of emotions a human, displays. Though it is considered a shameful feeling, I want to show its vulnerable beauty and hope that you come to accept and even love it as a form of humanity.

Thanking you [from the depths of my heart]

A narcissistic procrastinator.

Written by Sneha Choudhary

Best Submission- Illusion Delusion for August 2020

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