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I see every colour on the flip side of the rainbow Cardboard signs raised in silent plea E - Q - U - A - L - I - T - Y. - We are the feminists Those radical, loose screw girls who dream of a future Where her figure is not the plot of the story. Her looks the object of his glory Her conscience acknowledged - We are blondes and brunettes Women with scarves on our heads Gingers on fire We rise, For the hope that the future can be better than the bitter past We may be bruised but never broken, hurt but healing, drunk on dreaming We rise For ourselves, And all those who believe in a tomorrow better than today Tear gas rains down but we were crying long before We remember our stories and it's time you hear them. Sirens flash but our eyes are brighter They see a sunrise without your conditions. Megaphones bark but our roar is louder, our ears have heard catcalls from miles away So today We stay A circle and two lines pinned to our chests For we cannot escape the fact that we are who we are Nor - do we want to. Women in mind and heart we stand together, you've tried tearing us apart We call on the clean-shaven men who look down at us from their podiums But we are above them in so, so many ways All euphoric in this equality craze So break us, Try and make us, We shall not back down. Speak for our bodies and each wear our crowns. We are queens of this world, with kings right beside. So join us In this feminist high.

Written by Ammarah Siddiqui

About the author- Ammarah Siddiqui is a poet who spends her time volunteering, reading and trying to conquer writer’s block. Her work often relates to social justice causes she is passionate about.

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