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Dear Office Of Dead Letters

To  Dear Office Of Dead Letters,


I didn’t know why I was writing unless I started writing. It was a normal school day and I was in my class in the 8th grade and I just felt helpless and if you understand it by my point of view then helpless is not like having fights with my best friend and being sad, it means that I was as lost as ever, in the kind of way I have never been in my entire life. I even thought about the fact that I didn’t belong among the oh so amazing people I called my friends, like an outcast.

You know, like...

Salt in tea?

Butter in jam? 

And here to be very honest, I was and neither am I even today a very typical, supposedly ideal girl with a shy stance and perfect speaking skills. I am rude and abusive so with me, it’s more like, hey, you don’t mess with me! But the sad thing is,

This one voice,


Scented- Sweet, 

Tasted- Honey,

Would always be wished as only these two.

Even now while I write, I feel really odd. I didn’t know how many people must have said this to you, but I’m really happy that you’ve given me a platform to voice myself and to actually present myself as who I am and not what people want me to be. A great person once said that gratitude is one of the least articulate of the emotions, especially when it is deep down from the bottom of one’s heart and I hope to stand there forever with you and this amazing platform if you give me more chances that let me be me and explore of myself!

I’ll always be thankful to you!


Anushka Sangari

Written by Anushka Sangari

Scrabble- July 2020

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