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Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter,

This world is not perfect, nor will it ever be. I will not apologize for telling you this, for you shall see its imperfections too soon. I wish I could keep you from them, but then I would keep you from growing; I wish you to grow, strong, wise, and perceptive. I wish you to not be sheltered from pain but to learn to move past it, and if faced with sorrow, to know it was meant to be.

To not hug your aching wounds and bottle your falling tears for hope that time will cure all. For we do not have time, like all creation we too, are temporary; temporary, but not without

purpose. Defeat dines with the indifferent and swallows them whole, for my dear daughter you were born into a world of war. You may not see the blood, but the wounds show clearly as anger, or worse, resignation in the eyes of fellow humans. We are loosing our fights within, we let the parts that tell us to truly live, die. The parts of us that want to patch up this world's flaws.

I beg of you, win your battle and make your mark on this earth. If you can write, write your cause and let your words rock the world. If you draw, sketch the future you see, and let others stare in awe. Because when you came into this world, all rejoiced while you cried and I pray you leave the world mourning, as you smile down. For you leave knowing you left a better world for that little girl who fights a war inside her head, and wins. Because humanity, was worth fighting for.

Yours in love and loss,

Ammarah Siddiqui

Written by Ammarah Siddiqui

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Ammarah Siddiqui is a poet who spends her time volunteering, reading, and trying to conquer writer’s block. Her work often relates to social justice causes she is passionate about.

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