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Dear Darkness

Dear darkness, 

my old friend, I've come to talk with you again. It was fun and alright until a virus slammed a door in my face, and the vision it left with me still remains, the vision of silence, pain and death. I tried to light myself up with the flash of the tv screen and the words of those books but soon I realized only you could fill the empty hole. I remembered to switch on the light but this time only you could defeat yourself. so, I closed my eyes and found you inside me, singing in the melodious voice of silence, defeating the fear hiding behind you. I opened my eyes, looked around, and saw the world around me. the people stood strong with their fear lying on the ground but you were still there and the light was not. That's when I realized it wasn't you, never you but the fear that made us hate you.

I've grown up. You hurt me in the past, I find your scars in the present. But I wouldn't let you alter my future.


a girl who isn't afraid of you anymore

Written by Princess Weird

  • Best Submission- Time Shall Tell (June 2020)

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