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To everyone involved in the Bois Locker Room chat,

You do not know me and I do not know you. And as far as I am concerned, may I never ever get to know you. But evidently, the world knows a bit more about you and the kind of people you are than you ever intended. So while everyone is criticizing you, here is a thank-you note.

Dear bois, thank you. Thank you for making me doubt the boys I've grown up with. Thank you for making me wonder if they are just like you. Should I be afraid that when my best friend clicks my pictures, is he doing that because he likes to practice his photography skills or because he will fantasize about my skin later? Should I be afraid that I am being sized up and measured by people I thought I couldn't imagine my life without?

Dear bois, thank you. Thank you for making me afraid to put up my own pictures on my own account. Thank you for making me second guess the length of my skirt and the extent of cleavage that is 'acceptable.' Should I be afraid that I am being morphed, judged and distorted by people I don't even know? Should I be worried that every inch of my skin, every strand of my hair and even the colour I paint my nails is not mine, but rather, it is public property?

Dear bois, thank you. Thank you for making me look over my shoulder all the time. Thank you for making me follow everyone's eyes, so that I can check if they are the 'wrong' kind of people. Should I be afraid that when I walk down the street, I am being looked up and down, analysed like a piece of meat? Should I be worried that the only thing even minutely interesting about me is the size of my breast, the tightness of my clothes, or perhaps, how willingly I will send you nudes?

Dear bois, thank you. Thank you for making my progressive parents rethink all my permissions. Thank you for ruining all my defenses to mom saying," I don't doubt you, I doubt the world." because as it turns out, she was right. Should my parents be worried about me all the time? Should I be afraid of what my parents will think every time I step out?Should I stop thinking of the person in the mirror as anything more than what her body and her features are?

I feel sorry. I feel sorry for the mother who will defend you and try to protect you, but it will be her tears that will put her to sleep. I feel sorry for the father who will be your rock and not let anything happen to you, but silently wonder where he went wrong. I feel sorry for the sister who will wipe away your tears but regret every single rakhi she tied on your wrist. I feel sorry for the brother who used to idolize you but will rethink everything when people look at him with the same perspective they look at you. I feel sorry for the girlfriend who will face all the music but silently wonder how could she ever, ever love a person like you.

Most importantly, I feel sorry for the girls who will always think of their bodies and how much they expose them. You should be proud of yourselves for exposing these pigs. Also, you are beautiful just the way you are.

But finally, I feel sorry for you. Because the feeling you will get looking in the mirror everyday, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

All my hate,



One side of the story- https://www.latestly.com/social-viral/boys-locker-room-instagram-chat-group-of-delhi-teenagers-glorifying-gang-rape-busted-by-twitterati-delhi-police-action-sought-1726525.html

The other side of the story- https://www.instagram.com/p/B_u1H_zB0SP/?igshid=1k3cz2b17cw7r

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