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Concept of the cosmos

From: Apartment 1313 Nightmare villa Nowhere-at-all To: Office of Dead Letters Subject: Concept of the cosmos Dear World, Many of you have probably already heard of the saying, ‘Ignorance is bliss’. Do you agree? Do we really have the right to shield others from the truth, for the sake of their happiness? Are we qualified to make this decision for others? To help you come to a happy consensus, I’ve written a poem. It’s called, ‘Concept’. Please enjoy! Innocence and ignorance go hand in hand, having both, presents bliss. But once, one is striked down the other dies along, and bliss remains no more. This is the concept the world runs on, ‘If there is a loser, then there is a winner’. It says, “If sins are black then love is gold”. It speaks of false loyalty and fragile monstrosity. It states the importance of both the weak and the strong. Life works on the same principle, of loss and gain and of hearts in vain, holding plastic happiness and joy so frail. All of us have to fight this battle of losing both our innocence and ignorance, of discovering the ever-present truth. The question is whether you are swayed by it or stand strong with it. So, tell me: which one do you choose? Thanking you, A-well-wisher.

Written by Sneha Chaudhary

=> Best Submission- May 2020 in Rhyme or Reason Category

=> Author in Focus- May 2020

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