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The oleander, isn’t it beautiful? But the poison, isn’t it fatal? The rose, isn’t it magnificent? But the Rose thorns, don’t they hurt? 

They are like people, aren't they?

Share temporary things with temporary people, but with the ones whom you want to be permanent in your life, share everything and anything. Those who are temporary, will hurt you and leave, but the ones who are here to stay permanent, would scream and scold, may be hurt a bit, but for your sake, and your love, will stick around through thick and thin. Heaven, wouldn’t it be magnificent? But only if you’ve never been guilty,  Hell, wouldn’t that be adventurous? But the sinner, wouldn’t he be dangerous? The sun is a negative thought. Don’t do anything wrong, for, in the end, you would have to be answerable to Him. He is the real judge, so tell me, are you guilty or innocent?

Written by Anushka Sangari

-> Best Submission: Scrabble (June 2020)

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