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Part I – The Stifling

Touch, is what you did.

The fear in my eyes,

Meant nothing to you.

Force, is what you used.

The screams of no’s,

Weren’t heard by you.

Harm, is what you caused.

To my body, soul and mind.

Lost, is my spirit.

Which I’m still unable to find.

Tears, is what I shed.

Lying sick in my bed.

They say you escaped prison,

I wish I could escape mine too.

As ‘freedom’ might never mean to me,

The way it means to you.

Part II – The Rising

I have been in my cave for too long,

But now I am fed up of feeling weak.

It’s time I changed the lyrics of my song,

And put the dark night behind me.

I will be as strong as metal,

I know I have always been.

I swear I will never settle,

Until I make them realize their sin.

And I’m certain that in the process,

I will heal my broken wings.

Will retrieve myself from the mess,

And choose the joy that moving-on brings.

Thus, I rise.

Written by Ishita Dhawan

Best Submission for August 2020- Flames

Author's notes- "It is my sincere attempt to draw people’s attention towards the theme of sexual assault. The piece is divided into two parts.

The title suggests that the inflicted person breaks into shards because of the brutal experience, which is followed by healing.

The first part is a fictional portion in which the author describes how the assault led to them breaking apart as a human and losing their soul in the process.

The second part exhibits overcoming, strengthening, and healing; something which the survivor is hopeful about."

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