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As I turned around the corner,

My eyes beheld a beautiful soul.

Not a bit over twenty she was,

It seemed from the first glance I stole.

Her cheerful disposition was one rare,

As the sun rays bounced off her lithe structure,

I realized I was lighter on my step,

It seemed, she peppered happiness to capture.

Little did I know that she,

Who brightened up my monotonous day,

Would face a fate similar to that,

Cast not even a dark spell may.

I had only turned and gone,

But the story had just begun,

A gaunt man approached her,

The night cast shadows as dipped the sun.

Oh, she did resist his advancement,

The glint of the knife did not intimidate her,

Death over consent she chose,

But both she got, and a deep scar.

The figure took her to a dark end,

Where the light did not shine.

And he forced her to consent,

As she tried much to resign.

Then she was abandoned,

Not unlike the refuse we discard,

Manhandled, and viciously abused,

Her tears struck the ground, her soul was charred.

To her, it seemed like a ray of light,

Knowing that a few minutes is all left,

The breath, the tears, the pain would stop.

And so it did, as humanity was left bereft.

It did not take me a moment’s fraction,

To recognize the face that the first page screamed.

I read the article with a deep-rooted shock,

It settled in, then the tears gleamed.

Such a beautiful soul I had seen,

A life that cheered and was mellow,

I did not know her, she did not know me,

But wherever she went, light would follow.

I was left aghast,

Shocked at this tragic turn of destiny,

Only a moment had passed when she,

She was an epitome of ecstasy.

And now I am forced to wonder,

If her radiance was a façade.

I assure myself, the world has crumbled,

As the last of humanity flowed out with her blood.

Written by Anvesha Jain

Author's notes- "It's a piece I wrote around 2-3 years ago on sexual harassment, and I imagined the story from a different perspective. It wasn't received very well because apparently I was too young to speak my mind on this issue. Hope you like it :)"

Best submission- Left, Right and Center (June 2020)

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