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I am stuck in this maze,

My memory seems so haze.

I feel I'm out of this place,

And have left behind all my grace.

I'm stuck in this life tunnel so dark,

With no one beside to give me a spark.

I'm so unhappy and sighing,

Realising the fake relations are flying.

Breaking up all relations in just a second,

My heart seems as a broken diamond.

At this point of time,

My life looks like lime.

Anyone just comes and enters it,

And gives me a hard dreadful hit.

But,now i have opened my eyes,

And found the truth in the world of lies.

Like a little twinkling star,

I'm suddenly gaining my power.

The power which hadn't flown much far,

I continue my life journey like a blissful star.

Written by Diya Jain Best Submission for August 2020- Time Shall Tell

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