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All of us have the zing in us. The zing that makes us different from each other. The zing that leads us to our ultimate destiny. That’s a gift of God. One may be good at arts or maybe academics, or maybe sports, or maybe Computer sciences. Feeling sinful about that won’t only make you feel low but also will affect your mental and physical robustness. If you or an acquaintance is going through this, it’s really sad. But being sorrowful that you aren’t like them shouldn’t be a valid reason to be so somber. Maybe you’re not a good singer, but you’re a good pupil. Maybe you’re not good at work but good at playing. The infinite spirit has gifted us all with some of the other special gifts. Respect it, my dear palls.

The fire of having a will to do something is a thing that comes from our hearts. If you’re compelling it upon yourself, then that’s like getting yourself trapped in the murky misery. Believing in yourself is something that will certainly make you gratified. You shouldn’t feel sad if you are unable to do something, rather you should try it out once again. Failed again? Once more!

You will attain victory for sure. I know it’s hard sometimes but there’s a rainbow waiting for you after the thunderstorm.

Be the unicorn and bolt high.

The fire that’s within you can only be raged if you let that be transpired. It isn’t any tough stuff. All you need to do is to retrieve your fire, just don’t halt it, and let its wrath illuminate.

My friends, ignite this fire as much as possible. Don’t let them drown it. Yes, they’ll try

to do that often, and sometimes you would even feel that it got extinguished, but you’re the one who’ll have to inflame it again. The fire in your heart is your weapon in this warfare of life. Remember that if you leave this ordnance and go for the ones that others have just because you feel they look more enchanting, then it isn’t your zing, your fire, it’s just covetousness.

This world is full of fire! Everybody has got this fire. Some have a mild one and some have the ones that burn the others. Be of the second type. A big fire helps the small fire to rage as they join it, but small fires get lost in the big flames. Be the bigger one.

Written by Ortus

Best submission for August 2020- Scrabble

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