The story of ODL

We are all stories. Some positive, some dark and others, denied. In our world, being a story is just not enough. What we are forced to become, is acceptable stories.

Let us change that, together. At the Office of Dead Letters,
we'll join you on your journey; A journey of acceptance and realization.
Your emotions and feelings might have been dead letters, but not anymore. Let's claim them.


Welcome to the Office of Dead Letters.

Claim your Story. ​

The Founder

Umang Dhingra

Junior in high school; Umang is a writer by day, philosophy addict by night. An introvert hooked on Oreos, she is a self proclaimed nerd who is always up for a Star-Wars movie marathon. Other abilities include doing Shakespearean monologues impromptu and calling others 'Muggle' constantly. Find her on LinkedIn!

Office of Dead Letters Is an attempt to bring out the hush-hush and under-the-mattress topics that social convention dictates we never accept. It is an attempt to realize and accept things about ourselves we've been conditioned to confine. At ODL, take back what is yours and claim your story.


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