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Read and Review works of other people, add comments and constructive criticism to help each other improve and grow.



Write your piece, either on a topic of your choice or following one of our prompts.

Submit your piece to be considered for publishing. Since there are no limits to your experiences, there is no limitation on the number of submissions per person.


Make it to the top of the league with your scintillating writing, and compete with brilliant writers! Keep writing and maintain your rank.


Every single piece is evaluated by us and considered for publishing, irrespective of the experience of the author or the theme and style of writing.


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Office of Dead Letters Is an attempt to bring out the hush-hush and under-the-mattress topics that social convention dictates we never accept. It is an attempt to realize and accept things about ourselves we've been conditioned to confine. At ODL, take back what is yours and claim your story.


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